Lean Inception Workshop

How do you get a brand new software project off on the right foot?

Stakeholders having differing assumptions and expectations about almost all aspects of the project is a common challenge. The earlier these are discovered and resolved with realistic goals set and aligned, the better chance of success.

I routinely work with innovative teams of all sizes that have differing needs, desires, and capacity to facilitate inception strategies, which is why I have created packages to suit different projects.


The complete blueprint.

€ 180,- (ex. VAT)

  • Scheduling tips
  • Openings and icebreakers
  • Email samples
  • Checklists
  • Notion page templates

Organise and run the workshop yourself using our battle-hardened materials. While you are on your own with this package, with our comprehensive playbook, you will have the autonomy to plan and conduct the workshop as you see fit.

The Playbook comprises our industry-leading guidance, recommendations, and tools, enabling you to create tailormade workshops for your innovative project. Focus the collective efforts of your stakeholders and revisit the inception strategy when necessary with our blueprint.


The tools to do it yourself.

€ 4.000,- (ex. VAT)

  • Situation Appraisal
  • Copy of our extensive playbook
  • Board template
  • Four hours of valuable coaching
  • One month support via Slack.

We help you to prepare and run a flawless inception workshop on your own by providing direct and informative guidance specific to your project.

As well as coaching and ongoing support, you will receive all the necessary information, tools, and tactics I use to consistently facilitate seamless software projects.

Workshop (remote)

All-in, batteries included.

from € 9.000

  • Situation Appraisal
  • Participants screening
  • Nine sessions
  • Progress control
  • Remote collaboration tools.

A bespoke workshop attended by all key project stakeholders created, organised and run by me, Mike, an accomplished software consultant with vast experience taking ideas and turning them into well-founded software systems.

I will spend time directly understanding your unique situation, preparing sessions, scheduling, and processing outputs. These workshop sessions will help put your team on the path to success by aligning goals, creating a production framework, and providing you with the necessary resources to face challenges head-on.

"Mike organised a series of Lean Inception workshops for both internal and external people to iterate on the value proposition. Throughout he brings positive energy, great communication skills and a clear sense of responsibility and ownership."

Hylke Koers, CIO at STM Solutions

Hylke Koers avatar

Unsure of which package to choose? Here’s a quick test.

Can I facilitate an Inception myself?

If you are not scared by the idea of running a highly interactive meeting with 8+ participants, then the answer is probably, yes. At the same time, in order to run an efficient Inception workshop, it’s vital to thoroughly prepare and facilitate each individual activity without losing sight of the overarching goals of the workshop. Without that, the discussion is likely to go off-track.

If you are familiar with the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and you are able to sell the idea of building the product incrementally to the participants, the book by Paolo Caroli (see link below) is a good place to start preparing. In order to speed up the preparation process, also check out our Playbook which contains some battle-hardened materials, practical advice, and useful tips as well as common pitfalls and how to avoid/recover from them.

If the concept of MVP is new to you, it is best to get familiar with it first before purchasing one of my packages.

Benefits of Lean Inception:

  • Shared vision and understanding of the problem domain, users, possibilities, and priorities.
  • Laser-focused discussion about the necessary aspects and iterations of product development.
  • Extensive documentation on each aspect.


  • Approximately 18h from each participant.
  • A practical mix of business, marketing, engineering, and customer support knowledge.
  • A dedicated facilitator with enough skills and time to prepare the workshops.

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