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Lean Inception Workshop

How do you get a brand new software project off on the right foot?

Stakeholders having differing assumptions and expectations about almost all aspects of the project is a common challenge. The earlier these are discovered and resolved with realistic goals set and aligned, the better chance of success.
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Rapid Prototyping

Even the greatest ideas are not perfect. That's why it's better to validate and adjust them early before they go into the expensive production phase. Less is more in rapid software prototyping - you save money by making informed data-driven decisions about your future product.

Effective Minimal Viable Product

A well designed MVP serves a few purposes at once: it delivers value to your customers from day 1, delivers key brings insights to stakeholders, and lays a technical foundation upon which new features and functionality can be added.


"Mike has been of great value right from the start, helping us think through the concept and definition phase all the way to supporting the development of a fully functional prototype. If you're looking for a solid and versatile software and technology consultant, I highly recommend reaching out to Mike."

Hylke Koers, CIO at STM Solutions

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"Mike helped SURF to create a demo that spurred interest from many organisations, and was able to turn it into a functional playground that could be explored by our potential users. The result was that we got to participate in three projects that used the prototype as basis for further development and potential future services. Despite a complex landscape with multiple stakeholders, Mike understood their different needs, and took that into account during the development."

Freek Dijkstra, Project Lead at SURF

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Neighbourghood watch app:
MVP of a registration system with offline postal address confirmation.
SURFSara logo
Data Exchange:
Prototype of a platform that enables trusted data sharing for research (more).
Geo Fast Forward logo
Geo Fast Forward:
Capabilities of "GeoSearch" and "GeoZoom" (more).


Hi! I'm Mike Kotsur, a software consultant whose passion turned into a business. During the last decade I've helped many startups and innovation teams with designing, validating and developing business ideas from scratch into well-founded software systems.

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