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Newsletter sent on Saturday, Jan 7, 2023

Happy New Year!

After a deep breath that everyone took at the end of 2021, it was 2022 when we finally could breathe out and start adapting to the new reality. I’ve spoken to some product people, VCs and tech leaders and processed a lot of articles and comments, and in this post, I will try to summarise what I learned and make some predictions for the trends in new product development in 2023.

  1. Please show me the data. Fundraising for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs has become more challenging than in previous years because sponsors are not so easily impressed even by the most sound and compelling ideas. This stance leaves founders and internal innovators with the homework of validating key assumptions: feasibility, desirability and business viability, in any order, but with actual experimental data. Clever theories won’t be enough.
  2. Product-led growth. That’s because sponsors understand that in the current economic climate, trust-building and convincing the users to use and buyers to buy will become even more complicated when it comes to bringing new products to market. The question “what’s in it for me” will sound more often and appear early in the process. Increasingly more companies will begin exploring the product-led growth approach, inviting prospects to discover the value themselves through trying rather than listening. Interestingly enough, this approach automatically creates more trust and reduces the pressure on the sales organisation at the same time.
  3. Experimentability. We’ve seen a sharp rise in productised methods that make scalability within reach of any small team with the correct skill set. Think about distributed databases, container orchestration services, and serverless and big data platforms. In some sense, scaling is a solved problem. Creating secure foundations – not. Many agree that the way to tackle this problem is to run small experiments and make sense of the newly discovered data. It’s easier said than done, however. I’ve already seen a few prototypes of products at the intersection of analytics, strategic planning, AI and visual collaboration. I predict we’ll hear more about this emerging class of products that help form the early foundation for strategically orchestrating multiple concurrent discovery and experimentation initiatives.
  4. Other things to keep an eye on are: ProductOps, Low code Automation Platforms, Privacy Regulations, Multi-Cloud, MLOps, Sustainable Tech, Metaverse and Digital Twins.

What are your predictions? Hit Reply and let me know!

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